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Analyzing Controversy -- meanings, facts and values: distinguishing the conflicts

Authority & Power -- Why Might doesn't make Right.

Can Virtue Be Taught? - What do you mean by "taught"?

Causal Fallacy in Teaching and Learning

Christian Suggestions for the Education of Teachers:
Maritain and Dewey

Conceptual or Empirical? -- On which basis do we judge possible truth: definition or research?

Cooperation and Coercion -- In schools, these concepts are often conflated "for the good of the children," of course.

Counterexamples, Using -- How to construct them.

Critical Thinking Issues

Delegitimating Interests: confusing fact and valuation -- essay

Diversity Concerns

Doing Violence to "Violence" -- intention, not merely behavior, is crucial.


The Educational Theory of Augustine of Hippo

The Educational Theory of John Calvin

The Educational Theory of Mohandas Gandhi

The Educational Theory of John Baptist de La Salle

The Educational Theory of Iñigo de Recalde de Loyola

Ethical Concerns

Generative Schema. From Question to Thought to Answer -- graphics for organizing your thoughts

God, Church and Schooling for Democracy: American Faith in "Faith."

The Grand Inquisitor Syndrome and Morality in Rank-Based Organizations

History Studies

Hurt, Harm & Safety -- a confusion that stultifies

"Intelligent Design," "Unintelligent Curriculum"

Jacob’s Children and Ours:
Richard of St. Victor’s Curriculum for the Soul

Killing at Columbine. Why?

Moral Responsibility in the Education Industry -- are schools to be held responsible for economic or moral outcomes?

Neither Dewey nor Dubya -- the campaign to bring God into the public schools.

  Nel Noddings' Educational Theory

Origin of the Species? An Analysis of the Darwin v. Intelligent Design Debate

Philosophy, General Concerns in

Psychological Concerns

The Public School's Sorest Need: ToTransfigure the Trivial

Punishment and Cruelty: -  case analysis. These are not necessarily linked.

Questionable Assumptions in Social Decision Making -- epistemological presuppositions cannot be "proven."

Rationales for Intervention -- If you're going to butt in, know your reasons. Make them good.

Religion in Education BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Religion, Intelligent Design and the Public Schools: serving God to Mammon?

School Choice: reconsiderations

School Violence, Punishment and Justice -- a conceptual confusion inflicted on kids.

Socializing, Educating and Schooling: case analysis. One need not involve the others.

Slogans -- Nature and Use (graphics)

Slogans in Education -- semantics and politics in educational philosophy

STUDENT CENTEREDNESS: reconsiderations

Survey of Beliefs and Attitudes about Education. self-survey. 

Teaching: effective, moral, important? case analysis. Distinctions often confused.

Teaching Case Analysis to Achieve Philosophical Consensus -- Examples with instructions

Teaching Intelligent Design and the "Bush Doctrine"

Thunder on the Right: The Protestant Fundamentalists

Trading-Off "Sacred" Values:
Why Public Schools Should Not Try to "Educate"

University Mission Influences On Capital Campaign Strategy

Using a Theory -- essential constraints on thinking

Values BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Varieties of Explanation &  Cause -- definitions, activity

Violence, Imposition, Wrongdoing: -  case analysis. They are distinct.

Voluntary Behavior. Can it be conditioned? -- "Controlled" is not "conditioned." Method matters.

Wisdom, Knowledgeability case analysis class activity