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Bad Apples or Sour Pickles?
Fundamental Attribution Error and the Columbine Massacre

Behavior, Action, Pattern, Structure -- an exercise to help distinguish levels of analysis.

Whatís So Bad About Bullying? Isnít It Just Part of Life?.

Causal Analysis: an exercise -- distinguishing background conditions from hypothetical variables.

Classification Error in Evaluation Practice -- the effects of false positives on predicted outcomes

Concept as Abstraction. A hindrance in developing intelligence?

The Conjunctive Fallacy: a fallacy itself?
-- Is representativeness irrational?

Educational Assessment: confusing status with achievement.

Evaluating a Theory: a first approach --reading

Everyday Theories. Folklore about human behavior -- discussion sheet

Exercise in Language Acquisition. Korean for analysis by contrast and comparison -- worksheet

Exercise in Language Acquisition: Grammar Through Contrast & Comparison -- Worksheet

Evaluating a Presentation. Developing a scale-- class activity, evaluation tool.

Evaluation & Assessment BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

From Test to Treatment to Policy: Rationales for Intervention -- discussion and methodology

The Functional Analysis of Behavior: theoretical and ethical limits

Functional Analysis of Informal Models -- theory & worksheet

History Studies

Human Cognition: the philosophical foundations -- a series of essays


Informal Functional Analysis -- a brief essay on formalizing behavioral folklore

Inquiry Blockers  -- Stultifying further questioning

Isomorphisms: parallel structures of thought.
The Skeletons of Metaphor. How can we recognize them?

Interrogatories for Analysis, Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution -- standardized inquiry

Three Interaction Analysis Systems. -- Are these true behavioral taxonomies/


Intervention Rationale Worksheet

Jung on "Woman" -- quotations

Keller's System of Personalized Instruction -- theoretical analysis: lecture

Learning BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Magic Pictures (illusion, hallucination, perception) -- class activity,  questions

Measurability and Educational Concerns -- Informally articulated goals are too inconsistent for measurement.

From non-Science to Nonsense -- All A Can X? What?

Partitioning and Measurability -- theory & worksheet: what can be measured?

Operationalization -- theory & practice sheet -- Converting informal description to measureable variables.

The Pop-Psych Schoolhouse -- educational fads lacking research back-up

Punishment BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Are Humans Rational? Whatís At Stake?

Reason and Authority in Education -- does psychology help educators?

Reifications -- dehumanizing slogans

Are Rewards Reinforcers? -- On probabilizing behavior.

SIMULATION: Structure, Performance and Ability -- modeled on Edward Deming's Red Ball Experiment

B. F. Skinner's Anti-Science - critique of his pre-empirical commitments

Special Education BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

"The StimulusĒ remains a Hypothetical Construct; or, Guessing At What Elicits Behavior

Theory Presentation & Evaluation-- assignment protocol

Theory and Program: Isomorphic Structures -- Good theories "mirror" models of phenomena.

Thinking. Do Computers Do It? -- Is this mere rhetoric? What is to be gained by using it?

Three Interaction Analysis Systems- charts and observation grid

Types of Heuristics -- Gigerenzer's quickies compared to standard procedures

Using a Theory -- essay distinguishing between theory-in-use and user-theory

Varieties of Explanation &  Cause -- definitions, activity