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Culture & Diversity
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The Aristotelian Precedents of Islamic Moral Education: A Reformist Perspective

American Class Structure Model -One approach to understanding social dynamics. A sorting exercise.

Authority, Fact&Value  -- Interconnections & Dependencies

Celebrating Diversity vs. Preparing for the Mainstream: a Pseudo-Controversy?

Controversy Analysis Worksheet - analysis protocol

Cultural Domination -- Language training for social ranking

Dissecting Educational Benefits -- A typology of conflicting goals.

Should Public Schools Address Diversity?

Education and Immigration : Time line with immigration data, events 

Education and Neo-Multiculturalism

A Most Essential Question : How Many Are Truly Educable?

Evaluating Cultural Practices for Inclusion in the Public School Multicultural Curriculum

Functions of Conflict in the Context of Schooling  Conflict produces both costs and benefits.

Immigrants in the New America -- Is it time to heat up the melting pot?

The Indeterminacy of Consensus -- Dimensions of vulnerability to maintaining agreement.

Language Ideology in Schooling Practice

  The Limits and Possibilities of "Multiculturalism"

How Multicultural a Teacher Are You Prepared to Be?

Multiculturalism & The Problems of Immigration

Philosophy, Race and Language

Pluralism and Rationality: the Limits of Tolerance

Psychological Concerns

RanPop Simulation Experiment : macro/micro socio-cultural interactions

Reifications -- dehumanizing slogans

School Image: expectations & controversies essay explaining disagreements about schooling

School Priorities Inventory: indicates extent of competing expectations

Slogans : --- the function of slogans. What impediments do they create?

Slogan Analysis Exercises: identify motivational intent & possible resulting obfuscation

Socializing, Educating and Schooling :-  By what criteria are they distinguished? Case examples are given.

The Educational Theory of Wole Soyinka

Special High School Courses for Gifted Students --
Are We Denying the "Others" Fair and Equal Opportunity?

Social Foundations Issues

The Student as "Client." -- Is this the right relationship?

Survey of Beliefs and Attitudes about Education. self-survey

The Textbook: tool or symbol?

Thunder on the Right: the Protestant Fundamentalists Its impact on American schools.

Two Faces of American Public Education a concept map showing how politics and productivity relate

What is an "At-risk" Student? -- Forgoing an opportunity does not necessary create a risk.

What is a Problem? analysis activity