Catalog of Materials for History: 
discussion & research materials

edited 5/13/18  NEW ITEMS!

The Aristotelian Precedents of Islamic Moral Education: A Reformist Perspective

College and University Governance in the U. S. : a historical survey

Collective Bargaining in Higher Education -- Historical Roots through the Yeshiva Decision to 1999.

Educating Journalists --the Higher Education Debate

The Educational Theory of Andrew Dickson White

Elements of Curricular Rationale in Historical Curriculum Types -- Chart. Curricular threads versus functional elements.

Freshman Year Success via Outdoor Orientation Programs: a brief history

Gaudeamus Igitur -- lyrics and sources



History of College X Assignment Guide Sheet -- report protocol

Male Attitudes concerning female Education: A Brief History

Occupational Therapy: the influence of two paradigms -- the moral treatment model vs the medical model.

The Purposes of American Catholic Higher Education: Changes and Challenges. -- The continuing quest for identity.

Social Foundations Issues

Your Image of University Life-- questionnaire on images and myths

Timeline -- year, events, population, immigration, notes

Thunder on the Right. -- Religious Fundamentalism's Impact on American Schools.

University Writing Centers, A Brief History -- Enhancement, open admissions, remediation

Varieties of Explanation in Historiography

Vocational Guidance & College Career Services, a brief history -- From social to student-driven needs.