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Slogans in Education


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Ex 1: every school, a good school

Ex 2: support our troops

Slogans and consensus

Two Problems

Presuming common criteria

From slogan to practice

Imputing causation

The basic technique

Advanced technique

The 'Can-it-fail?' Rule

Some examples

Author: Edward G. ROZYCKI 


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Slogans in Education
                        Slogans generate consensus by obscuring differences. The positive and negative consequences of this are explored.
Mechanisms for Policy Reversal
                        Variation in policy formulation is explained as a rhetorical process oscillating between cost and benefit evaluations. Lifelong learning is taken as an example.

Integrating the Curriculum
                        Like so many other rallying cries for one sort of school reform or another ...

Crazy Horse
                        Here is a true story that emphasizes the limits and possibilities of multiculturalism.
Fat-Free Foods and Schooling Options
                        Enthusiasm for school reform and subsequent hyperbole sustain unreasonable expectations about what schools can accomplish.
Pseudo-Solutions: three disciplinary slogans
                        Educational slogans are analyzed for their ambiguities and to articulate the problems they distract from.