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Materials for Teaching
Ethics & Values

If people do not learn, they will never know what is right. --- Chinese Proverb

updated 9/19/18
Some Items Updated
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Authority, Fact&Value  -- Interconnections & Dependencies

Analyzing Controversy -- meanings, facts and values: distinguishing the conflicts

The Aristotelian Precedents of Islamic Moral Education: A Reformist Perspective

Articles Addressing Practice and Morality

Authority & Power -- Why Might doesn't make Right

Whatís So Bad About Bullying? Isnít It Just Part of Life?.

Can Virtue Be Taught? - What do you mean by "taught"?

Conceptual or Empirical? -- On what basis do we judge possible truth: definition or research?

Core Concepts BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Counterexamples, Using -- How to construct them.

Delegitimating Interests: confusing fact and valuation -- essay

Doing Ethics: concerns & procedures

Doing Violence to "Violence" -- intention, not merely behavior, is crucial.

Ethical Argument, Practical Proposal -- a bibliography

The Ethical Miseducation of Educators

Fair Share vs. Fair Play: Two Competing Conceptions of Justice

The Functional Analysis of Behavior:
theoretical and ethical limits


Hurt, Harm & Safety -- a confusion that stultifies

The Indeterminacy of Consensus:
masking ambiguity and vagueness in decision

LEADERSHIP AS USURPATION -- the Grand Inquisitor Syndrome

The "Mea Culpa" Culture in Public Education: failure is the worst sin.

Moral Education: Indoctrination vs. Cognitive Development?

Is There No Need For Corporal Punishment?

Permissible School Violence

Pluralism and Paradigms -- Step-by-step development of practical definitions.

Practicing Educators Reflect on Professional Concerns

Preventing Plagiarism & Cheating

"Protection": Prevention, Extortion, Compensation?

Plagiarism, Combating Cheating & ... -- Presentation Graphics

Punishment and Cruelty: -  case analysis. These are interestingly independent.

Rationales for Intervention -- If you're going to butt in, know your reasons. Make them good.

Evaluating a Rationale for Intervention: worksheet

School Violence, Punishment, and Justice

Is Special Education Fair?

Strip Searches, Reason and Ethics

Teaching Case Analysis to Achieve Philosophical Consensus -- Examples with instructions

Transforming Educational Values -- it makes cheating impossible

Values BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Varieties of Explanation &  Cause -- definitions, activity

The Vatican's Response to Clerical Pedophiles

Violence, Imposition, Wrongdoing: -  case analysis. They are distinct.

Voluntary Behavior. Can it be conditioned? -- "Controlled" is not "conditioned." Method matters.

What Can Public Schools Teach?

Wisdom, Knowledgeability case analysis class activity