General Analytical Thinking
& Metacognition

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updated 4/24/19

El sueño de la razon produce monstruos.

Ambiguity and Vagueness -- human purpose brings clarity to multifunction words

Analysis & Evaluation -- an expanded palette of articles and materials

Analyzing Controversy - a practical manual

Authority, Fact&Value  -- Interconnections&Dependencies

BLOG by Boethius

Brainteaser: connecting points in a depleted plane -- suprising continuity

Brainteaser Solution -- shows continuity without rational points

The Case for Case -- "me" is not a substandard word.

Charts & Diagrams -- a library

Common Errors in Logic and Rhetoric -- common but widely unappreciated.

The Conjunctive Fallacy: a fallacy itself?
-- Is representativeness irrational?

Constructive Criticism. What is it? -- Well done, it helps.

Core Concepts BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Controversy Worksheet -- problems of understanding, authority, and value.

Critical Assessment and Values in Education -- developing critical intelligence

Critique of Arguments: the quick & dirty method -- valid argument when soundness may not matter.

Delegitimating Interests :-- confusing fact and valuation


Democracy vs Efficiency
-- communication has its costs.

Detecting Fallacies -- examining crucial assumptions

Developing Interrogatories -- consistency in questioning

Diagramming Concepts --Reasoning with Venn diagrams

Dimensions of Human Conceptualization

Dimensions of Definition -- theory & practice sheet

Diversity Issues

Elements of Practical Reasoning -- examining assumptions, enthymemes

Ethical Issues

Every Child Above Average -- it's so crazy it might just work. 

General Forensics - What is it?

General Issues in Philosophy

Generative Schemata for Organizing Ideas -- graphics

Hidden Logic. An introduction to the analysis of informal argument -- theory and practice pages.

Teaching Disciplined Hypothesis -Formation -- creating usable causal narratives.

Illogic and Dissimulation in School Reform -- the fallacies that sell the product.

The Indeterminacy of Consensus -- expecting too much from the ephemeral.

Inquiry Blockers   -- Stultifying further questioning

Isomorphism: identity of structure

Three Interaction Analysis Systems - charts and observation grid. Theory analysis.

Isomorphisms: parallel structures of thought.
The Skeletons of Metaphor. How can we recognize them?

Justice vs Expedience . Conceptual analysis -- group activity

Language Study Concerns

Model Cases for Analysis -- defining paradigms and acceptable deviants.

Models of Reasoning -- embellishments on Toulmin's structure of argument model


Name Dropping Is Not Enough: faking it with buzzwords

The Need for Evidence

From non-Science to Nonsense -- All A Can X? What?

Organizational Theory

The Plagiarism Book -- How (Not) to do it. The blade cuts both ways.

Program Planning Dilemmas -- supporting arguments for competitive proposals.

Questions to Ask When Examining a Position -- Preparing for professional exams.

Rationales for Intervention -- justifying butting in.

Reconstructing Assumptions -- exercise in argument building

Reifications -- dehumanizing slogans

Slogans BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

"Protection" : Prevention, Extortion, Compensation? -- multiple ambiguity?

Sorting Philosophies -- simple, but somewhat effective.

Task Structure and Ability -- simulation What trying harder can't control.

Teaching Disciplined Hypothesis Formation

Transformational Exercises in English -- Deducing grammar.

Types of Heuristics -- Gigerenzer's quickies compared to standard procedures

Using Counterexamples -- How to construct them.

What's the Connection? -- exercises in uncovering assumptions

What Can Be Measured? -- Not everything. Which things?

What is a Problem? -- What you think makes a difference.

What is a synopsis?  --  How to do one.

Worry Reducer. Analytic relief for paranoids (via Kahnemann & Tversky). -- worksheet