Slogans : Uses and Abuses
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$100 Billion for Ejikashun: Fix What Ain’t Broken and Break the Rest?

Achieving Educational Goals: The Basic Model
Slogans work to support consensus ...

America 2000 and Consensus
... six facile slogans about national health care, industrial or governmental goals ...

Analysis of Policy, The
Policies are slogans. Most people sense this and don't push for depth of agreement in the consensus ...

Are 'Best Practices' Good Enough?
... organizational need and sloganeering. . ... The final red flag is sloganeering by the proponents of the "best practices."

Bullshit: Common Currency in Public Discourse

Cannonfodder: Preparing Teachers for Public Schools
. ... clearly the shiniest, newest slogan in education...

Controlling the School: Institutionalization
..., mystery is called "uncertainty." Slogans ... incorporate unanalyzed concepts such as "the pursuit of Truth", ...

Controversy Analysis: Alternate Route Certification
..., the use of slogans to represent each party's side of the dispute...

In Education, Bright Ideas Most Likely Are Not

Illogic and Dissimulation in School Reform
The School "Improvement" Flea Market: buyer beware!

Integrating the Curriculum
Curriculum" and Other Slogans ... more than empty sloganeering. ...

... Words of Wisdom, ... Muslim Slogans, \n, Worldly Occassions ... Home » Words of Wisdom » Muslim Slogans - 19 Postcards ...

Isomorphisms: parallel structures of thought.
The Skeletons of Metaphor. How can we recognize them?

Justice through Testing
Defining the discrepancy between potential and achievement

Leadership Through Cooperative Learning
... The slogan, "Servant Leadership," was defined to show how this meets our ... goals.

Limits and Possibilities of Multiculturalism, The
... any specific definition of which lacks consensus ... might be as a slogan, it has severe practical limits.

Mechanisms for Policy Reversal
... celebratory-pejorative slogan pairing ... ... formulations as "mere" slogans, ...

Merit Pay for Teachers: A Meritorious Concept or Not
... argue against these slogans, they provide no answers to the relevant questions, Accountable to whom? For what? Measured by what criteria? ...

Mission, Vision and Delusion in Schooling
... risk being little more than slogans that enervate clear definition of goals and ... happy talk: ... enervate clear definition of ...

Models of Learning
... By "principles" we mean slogans that link ideas in a way that makes them widely ...

More Philosophers' Campaign Slogans
... Slogans of the Great Philosophers. ...

Nature of Consensus, The
... slogans are a mechanism for creating consensus ...

Politics, Consensus and Educational Reform
.. But slogans offer little help when practical implementation is attempted.

Pseudo-Solutions: three disciplinary slogans
Educational slogans are analyzed for their ambiguities ...

Public School Reform: Mired in Metaphor
... The slogan, "All children can learn," rests on such a theory ... generally obscured with incessant sloganeering ...

“Sacred Values” in US Public Schools: pretending there is no conflict.

Schooling versus Parenting
... Talk up this mythology. Develop a repertoire of ready slogans ... when trapped into making a verbal response to anyone.

Schools' Zero Tolerance Policies
... tolerance is, in itself, a slogan. ... disputants must peel away the slogan, the oxymoron, the connotations, the emotional appeals ...

Service Learning
..."Academic Excellence" and "Real World Experience" were slogans of the Academy, we slogged on, pretending ...

Slogan Analysis
value differences ... Slogans and mottos are devised primarily ... of the slogans or mottos given

SLOGANS: junkfood, dead-weight or poison? The practice of sloganeering is dangerous.

Slogans and Consensus: Accountability
... the above slogans are "accountable" and "accountability." ... resorting to their undefined slogans for broad consensus of opinion.

Slogans in Education
Slogans generate consensus by obscuring differences.

Slogans that Never Caught On
Slogans, Slogan ideas, Slogan jokes. ... Slogans That Never Quite Caught On ...

Solving School Problems: a conflict resolution approach
... Avoid or replace slogans Reduce or replace judgmental language ... problem statements are slogans.

Teaching case analysis to achieve philosophical consensus
the ideologically-charged slogans your students emit with such ... practice!

Teaching Philosophy to Teachers
... a system of slogans. ... the usefulness of simple slogan-terms like, Idealist, Existentialist, etc. ...

What is Propaganda?: What Are the Tools of Propaganda?
... Under Mussolini, the Fascists were fond of such slogans as “a book and a rifle ...

What is Worth Knowing?
... Classroom teachers are not helped by the vague slogans that pass for goals at a national level. They need fairly specific, operationalized formulations ...