Materials Relating to Language Study

updated 7/6/18 NEW ITEMS!

Ambiguity and Vagueness-- human purpose brings clarity to multifunction words

Analyzing Controversy - a practical manual

Beyond the Textbook. -- Will politics save it from extinction?

BLOG by Boethius

The Case for Case -- "me" is not a substandard word.

Classroom Concerns

Cloning Student Voice -- But there are always competing voices.

Common Errors in Logic and Rhetoric -- common but widely unappreciated.

Conceptual or Empirical? -- On what basis do we judge possible truth: definition or research?

Constructive Criticism. What is it? -- Well done, it helps.

Controversy Worksheet --problems of understanding, authority, and value.

Counterexamples, Using -- How to construct them.

Cultural Domination and the Teaching of ESOL -- How is the ESOL curriculum different from English Language Arts?

Curriculum Issues

Delegitimating Interests:-- confusing fact and valuation

Detecting Fallacies -- examining crucial assumptions

Developing Interrogatories -- consistency in questioning

Diagramming Concepts --Reasoning with Venn diagraams




Dimensions of Definition -- theory & practice sheet

Diversity Concerns

Evaluating Proposed Program Expansion. -- Is the subject worth studying? To what degree?

eas -- graphics

Hidden Logic. An introduction to the analysis of informal argument -- theory and practice pages.

The Indeterminacy of Consensus -- language is, at some level, always ambiguous or vague.

Isomorphisms: parallel structures of thought.
The Skeletons of Metaphor. How can we recognize them?

Justice vs Expedience. Case analysis -- group activity

Korean for Analysis -- another language acquisition exercise

Language Acquisition Exercise . Simple Korean phrases for analysis by contrast and comparison -- worksheet

Language Ideology in Schooling Practice -- Kids know quite a bit about about language and how it can be misused.

Literacy Education

A Method for Generating Critical & Criterial Questions -- worksheet -- a critical rhetorical distinction

Mechanisms for Policy Reversal -- transforming the language of approval into that of gainsaying.

The Mind's Eye -- How Many Words is a Picture Worth?

Model Cases for Analysis -- class definition by contrast and comparison.

Models of Reasoning -- embellishments on Toulmin's structure of argument model

Name Dropping Is Not Enough: faking it with buzzwords


Needs Assessment. -- A critical ambiguity with the word, "needs"

Operationalization -- theory & practice sheet -- Converting informal description to measureable variables.

Philosophy, Race and Language

The Plagiarism Book -- How (Not) to do it. The blade cuts both ways.

Policy Slogan Analysis -- What is meant by "teacher accountability."

PSEUDO-SOLUTIONS/ Three Disciplinary Slogans -- "enchanted" language mimics feasibility

Psychological Concerns

Reconstructing Assumptions -- exercise in argument building

Slogans: --- the function of slogans. What impediments do they create?

Slogan Analysis Exercises: identify motivational intent & possible resulting obfuscation

Slogan Development -- goal vs morale

Slogans BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

The Teaching-Learning Connection

The Textbook: Tool or Symbol?

Transformational Exercises in English -- Deducing grammar.

Using Counterexamples -- How to construct them.

What's the Connection? -- exercises in uncovering assumptions

What is a synopsis?  --  How to do one.