Slogan Development Activity

©2004 Edward G. Rozycki

edited 4/2/12

Objective: to investigate the tension between addressing motivational intent and the obscuring of impediments to goal achievement.

A. Procedure

1. Form workgroups of 3 or 4.

2. Discuss and help each person settle on a motivational problem in their organization. What goal is involved?

3. Discuss in turn and help each person develop a slogan that might address that motivational problem.

4. For each slogan, identify target groups at which the slogan is aimed.

5. For each slogan and target group, consider impediments, e. g. differences in their values, personal incapacities, and the like, that might undermine motivation toward the goal.

6. Identify which words in each slogan are likely critical for it to achieve its effect?

B. For workgroup participants: In the chart below,

a. Write the goal and your slogan;

b. indicate which groups (persons) are involved in pursuing the goal.

c. indicate the impediments for each group to be obfuscated by the slogan.

Goal Pursued




Target Groups

Impediments to Pursuit of the Goal


C. Questions:

a. What risks are incurred by obscuring the impediments?

b. Will the distribution of costs and benefits brought about upon achieving the goal sustain the motivation of the target groups to participate?