Controversy Analysis Worksheet

from Clabaugh & Rozycki Analyzing Controversy (2017)
(1997 Dushkin-McGraw/Hill}
2017 NewFoundations Press (Free Downloads)

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Pre-analysis (form, partisanship)

1. Can you state the apparent controversy as a yes-no question?



2. Are there representatives for both sides of the issue?

Content Analysis:

Problems of Understanding (slogans, reifications, definitions, pseudo-solutions, name-calling, presuppositions.)

3. What are the critical terms upon which this controversy hinges?

                        a. Give the definitions on which there seems to be consensus.

b. Are there other problems of understanding?

Problems of Fact (Feelings, etc. ; Authority, Operationalizing, Inquiry Blockers)

4. What are the issues of fact underlying this controversy?

a. What sources of fact (authorities) are recognized by both parties?

b. Are there other issues relating to fact that need clarification?

Problems of Value (Fact & value, benefits & costs, responsibility)

5. What issues of value are there which relate to this controversy?

Meta-analysis: (logical errors, problems with consensus, commitments to a special theory of society, agendas maintaining conflict)

6. Are there metaproblems?