Everyday Theories
Epistemological Folklore
©1999 Edward G. Rozycki



edited 3/10/20


1. Whatever happens, is intended to happen.

2. What a person does, they want to do, if compulsion is absent.

3. If it moves, it's alive.

4. Post hoc, propter hoc.

5. You pleased (hurt) me means that you favored (picked on) me.

6. If I hate (like) it then it is bad (good); that is, everyone should recognize it as bad (good).

7. All events have deep roots, e.g. a wrong act signifies incorrigible evil or deep-seated traits.

8. Contingent behavior implies mind.

9. Controlled behavior implies automaticity.

10. John is X-ing, therefore John is aware that he is X-ing. (You pick something for X.)

11. John is X-ing, therefore John will be able to recognize he is X-ing, even though he may not now be aware of it.

12. Because John can X well, he can tell us how he does it.

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