Writing a Dissertation: overview and issues
2000 Edward G. Rozycki, Ed. D.
edited 4/2/20  

The Art of Constructive Criticism

Criticism focuses on standards, not expressions of dissappointment. It is constructive when it articulates those standards so that the shortcomings in a piece of writing can be dealt with.

Avoiding Problems With Your Review of the Literature

It is important that you distinguish among different types of literature and not mix them indiscriminately through your review.

Doing Qualitative Research. Avoiding Confusions

Sampling and other issues associated with quantitative research may not be relevant.

Connecting Theory to Research: empirical model

Your literature search should provide you with knowledge and citations to support three things:

1. the rationale for undertaking your research
2. the background of previous research bearing on your topic
3. the theory generating your hypotheses.

Identifying Interdisciplinary Courses (IDC) to meet Doctoral Requirements

An Example of an Institutionally & Curricularly (Over-?) Sensitive Profiling Instrument

Exercise in Program Justification

Justify selecting one of two possible graduate programs using "facts" given about them and issues of value.

Eleven Threats to Ecological Validity

A Checklist from Huck & Cormier.

Heuristics, Types of

Fast & Frugal vs. Other Methods -- A chart of comparisons

Organizing Your Literature Review

A suggestion for organizing your literature review around issues revelant to your research and the strength of the research evidence available.

Preparing A Dissertation Prospectus

A prospectus is a rehearsal: a short, formal document that presents your intentions for review by your advisor. It helps your advisor assist you in formulating your research project. Just as important, it help your advisor in interesting other faculty members in serving on your committee. It is well worth the trouble, even if it may not be required at your school.

Preparing for Your Defense

A defense of your dissertation or of your dissertation proposal is a performance. Like teaching, lecturing or similar performances, defense performance is enhanced through practice.

Selecting a Hypothesis: a compact decision chart

A chart to help you select the appropriate statistical test for the kind of data you have collected.

The Structure of Issues: a suggestion

Organize the issues you discuss in your literature on the model of a simple systems analysis flow: Pre-analysis, Input, Process, and Output.

Using Quantitative Procedures Wisely

Deborah Stone in Policy Paradox, (1998, New York: Norton) cautions the reader against assuming that political and ethical decisions can be avoided by the careful use of measurement techniques. In this site are two sets of considerations of which is it important to be apprised.