Eleven Threats to Ecological Validity: a checklist

(from  Reading Statistics and Research. S.W. Huck,, W.H.Courmier & W.G Bounds, 1974)

edited 8/19/11

1. Are the dependent and independent variables accurately described?

2. Are the procedures for measurement clearly defined?

3. Are the instruments used reliable and appropriate?

4. Is there any interaction of history and treatment effects?

5. Are data accurately transcribed?

6. Are appropriate statistical procedures being employed?

7. Is there any interaction of time of measurement and treatment?

8. Does any pretest/posttest sensitization occur as a result of measurement?

9. Do "Hawthorne" effects account for any research results?

lO. Has "novelty effect" contaminated research results?

11. Has the "Rosenthal" effect introduced alternative explanations?

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