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Analyzing Controversy -- meanings, facts and values: distinguishing the conflicts

Authority & Power -- Why Might doesn't make Right.

Authority, Fact&Value -- Interconnections & Dependencies

Can Skinnerism Inform Practice? - Misgivings

Can Virtue Be Taught? - What do you mean by "taught"?

Causal Fallacy in Teaching and Learning

Conceptual or Empirical? -- On what basis do we judge possible truth: definition or research?

Confirmation Theory: radical empiricist version -- exercises

The Conjunctive Fallacy: a fallacy itself?-- Is representativeness irrational?

Cooperation and Coercion -- In schools, these concepts are often conflated "for the good of the children," of course.

Counterexamples, Using -- How to construct them.

Delegitimating Interests: confusing fact and valuation -- essay

Democracy vs. Efficiency --Does communication constrain production?

Doing Violence to "Violence" -- intention, not merely behavior, is crucial.

Educational Theory of X -- analytical framework

Educational Theory of Mortimer Adler Synopsis and references.

Essentialism, Perennialism, ...etc. Are they philosophy? -- How do the ISM's help us understand?

Ethical Issues in Education practitioner reflections

The Ethics of Educational Triage -- Is teaching to the middle moral?

The Fractalization of Social Enterprise -- unbounded iterations of consensus, authority, and efficiency

The Functional Analysis of Behavior: theoretical and ethical limits

Using the Gallery of Educational Theorists

Generative Schema. From Question to Thought to Answer -- graphics for organizing your thoughts

Inquiry Blockers  -- Stultifying further questioning

Hurt, Harm & Safety -- a confusion that stultifies

"Intelligent Design," "Unintelligent Curriculum"

Interrogatories for Analysis, Problem Solving, etc. --consistency in questioning.

Isomorphism: identity of structure, process

*Knowledge: the residues of practical caution.

A Method for Generating Critical & Criterial Questions -- worksheet -- practical philosophical analysis

Moral Responsibility in the Education Industry

Name Dropping Is Not Enough: faking it with buzzwords

Permissible School Violence Is There Such?

Philosophy and Education: what's the connection? -- Is philosophy just verbiage? Or does it give leverage?

Power in Schooling Practice: the educational dilemmas -- Why the iron hand wears a velvet glove.

Does Public Education Support American Democracy?

Punishment and Cruelty: -  case analysis. These are interestingly independent.

Questionable Assumptions in Social Decision Making

Rationales for Intervention -- If you're going to butt in, know your reasons. Make them good.

Are Rewards Reinforcers? -- On probabilizing behavior.

Evaluating a Rationale for Intervention: worksheet

Public School Reform: a major tactic in America's "hidden" class war.

Reifications -- dehumanizing slogans

School Violence, Punishment and Justice -- a conceptual confusion inflicted on kids.

B. F. Skinner's Concept of Person

B.F. Skinner's Philosophy of Material Rationalism. Is this science?

Socializing, Educating and Schooling: case analysis. One need not involve the others.

Slogans -- Nature and Use (graphics)

Slogans in Education -- semantics and politics in educational philosophy

Sorting Philosophies -- an interrogatory for definition

Survey of Beliefs and Attitudes about Education. self-survey. 

Teaching: effective, moral, important? case analysis. Distinctions often confused.

Teaching Case Analysis to Achieve Philosophical Consensus -- Examples with instructions

"Thinking" Like Computers Do? --Is it possible? Is it good for humans?

Using a Theory -- essential constraints on thinking

Varieties of Explanation &  Cause -- definitions, activity

Violence, Imposition, Wrongdoing: -  case analysis. They are distinct.

Voluntary Behavior. Can it be conditioned? -- "Controlled" is not "conditioned." Method matters.

What Can Public Schools Teach? -- Is values education possible?

Wisdom, Knowledgeability case analysis class activity

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