History of College X (CX) Assignment Guide Sheet
© 1999 Edward G. Rozycki
edited 4/3/12

Be sure you answer the basic questions.
Answering some or all of the enhancement questions improves the evaluation of the presentation.

Basic Questions:

1. When was CX founded? Where?

2. By whom was it founded? How was it funded?

3. What kind of institution was CX originally?

4. Who was its first president? Board of trustees (source)?

5. What was its original mission? How does that compare with its present mission?

6. Who was admitted to CX?

7. How was CX influenced by major historical events?

8. How did its curriculum develop over time? (Is it now UX?)

9. What are some recent statistics of CX?

10. What present-day characteristics show a link to its past?

Enhancement Questions

1. How did the location of its founding influence its development?

2. What were the interests of its founders (funders)?

3. Has there be a substantial change in mission and form since its founding?

4. Are there any anecdotes or folklore available that indicate the character of CX in a given period?

5. Can you give an overview of the CX in terms of the important trends we have examined in the course?
E.g. Inclusion of scienctific studies, development of electives, effect of Darwinism, funds from Federal Government, Big Donors, Secularization, Neo-Classicism, Civil, First and Second World Wars, etc.