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Catalog of Materials for
Studies in Higher Education

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edited 5/13/18


The Academic Dean

Adjunct Faculty Usage and Technology: the impact of their increasing employment on the community college organizational structure.

The Aristotelian Precedents of Islamic Moral Education: A Reformist Perspective

Centralized Marketing Functions in Higher Education: An Examination of Two Models

Challenges of the Academic Department Chair in Occupational Therapy

The Changing Role Of The President In Higher Education

College and University Governance in the U. S. : a historical survey

Collective Bargaining in Higher Education -- Historical Roots through the Yeshiva Decision to 1999.

College Priorities Inventory Preference Matrix

Combatting Educational Corruption:
Applying the Federal False Claims Act to Schooling Organizations

Digital Formats for Marketing the 21st Century Designer

Dreams, Luck and Too Many Cooks: American Higher Education

The Educational Theory of Andrew Dickson White

Education in the Workplace:
An Examination of Corporate University Models

Elements of Curricular Rationale in Historical Curriculum Types -- Chart. Curricular threads versus functional elements.

ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT: An Interdependence Model


An Examination Of The Issues Facing Career-Based Curriculum Policies In Liberal Arts Colleges And Universities

The First-Year College Experience: Strategies for Improvement

Fiscal Policy Effects on Grade Inflation

Freshman Year Success via Outdoor Orientation Programs: a brief history

Gaudeamus Igitur -- lyrics and sources

Highly Educated Teachers: is this what we need?

History of College X Assignment Guide Sheet -- report protocol

The Influence of Competing Paradigms on Occupational Therapy Education: a brief history

Leave No Teacher Candidate Behind:
the practical irrelevance of rigorous teacher education

Male Attitudes concerning female Education: A Brief History

Mechanisms for Policy Reversal -- maintaining the mythos of Lifelong Learning

Occupational Therapy: the influence of two paradigms -- the moral treatment model vs the medical model.

Organizational Theory

Service Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

Should Colleges Be Made Responsible For Their Graduates’ Earnings?

The Policymaking Function of the Faculty Senate
in a Comprehensive Liberal Arts University
-- a case study

Providing Academic Accommodations
for Learning Disabled Students in Higher Education

The Purposes of American Catholic Higher Education: Changes and Challenges. -- The continuing quest for identity.

Reforming Teacher Education: just tinkering around the edge

Rethinking New Student Orientation

School and College Ranking Websites -- a biblography

Service Learning and Faculty in the Higher Education Institution

Successful Transition to Higher Education for Students with Learning Disabilities, Factors Influencing

University Mission Influences On Capital Campaign Strategy

Virtual Teams -- the key to organizations that adjust rapidly to changes in the environment?

Your Image of University Life-- questionnaire on images and myths

University Writing Centers, A Brief History -- Enhancement, open admissions, remediation

Varieties of Explanation in Historiography -- examples from F. Rudolph's The American College and University

Vocational Guidance & College Career Services, a brief history -- From social to student-driven needs.