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Hitler On "Woman"

edited 8/19/11

Adolf Hitler rose from total obscurity to become the absolute leader of Germany. Under his charismatic leadership that nation rose from humiliating ruin to conquer most of Europe before ultimate defeat brought the greatest ruin of all. His nightmarish genocidal campaigns against Europe’s Jews, slavic “sub-humans”, Gypsies, homosexuals, the physically defective and the mentally ill were crimes of almost unimaginable proportions.

Hitler’s relationships with his doting, over-protective mother played a pivotal role in shaping his narcissistic, monomaniacal character. And the great obsession, of his life was his niece, “Geli” Rabaul, who became his mistress. She complained that Hitler kept her a virtual prisoner and, according to at least one report, subjected her to sexual perversions. Geli died in 1931. Officially her death was a suicide, though some say Hitler actually murdered Geli. If it was suicide it may have been prompted by her discovery that Hitler was two-timing her with Eva Braun — a school-teacher’s daughter.

Braun subsequently became Hitler’s mistress and later twice attempted suicide herself. She and Hitler were belatedly married only a few hours before they fulfilled their suicide pact as Soviet troops advanced on their bunker.


Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945 ) –
German tyrant and mass murderer of the innocent

The creative will of man relates to work, running machines, doing
business, organizing and conducting research, while the creative
will of women applies to men.
-- Nurnberg Speech (September 8, 1934)

The woman must form men, develop men, reshape, and love them or
she will perish.
-- Nurnberg Speech (September 8, 1934)

The program of our National Socialist Women's Movement has only
one point; that point is called the child.
-- Nurnberg Speech (September 8, 1934)

A man should be able to leave his stamp on a girl. It's what women like.
-- Table Talk

When a woman starts thinking about the problems of existence
that's bad ... it is apt to get on one's nerves.
-- Table Talk

The message of woman's emancipation is a message discovered solely
by the Jewish intellect and its contents are stamped with the same
-- Nurnberg Speech (September 8, 1934)

Every child that the woman brings into the world is a battle that
she undergoes for the existence ... of her people.
-- Quoted in N. S. Frauenbuch

Equal rights for women means they experience the esteem that they
deserve in the areas which nature has entrusted them.
-- Nurnberg Speech (September 8, 1934)

Women adore heroes, without a man a woman is absolutely lost. The
hero gives a woman the feeling of being totally protected. Her
nature demands a heroic man.
-- Quoted in Eva Braun, Hitler's Mistress

A man's world is big compared with a woman's. ... The man is all her
world. Only occasionally does she think of anything else .... A
woman’s love is deeper than a man's. Her intellect is of no great
-- Table Talk

When a woman goes to a great deal of trouble to make herself look nice, it is often because she gets a secret pleasure out of annoying another member of her sex. One thing women can do that we men
can't is to kiss another woman friend and at the same time stick a needle into her. It is quite hopeless to want to reform women in this respect. Better ignore these little failings. If it makes them happy, well and good. It is an infinitely preferable occupation for a woman than dabbling in politics.
-- Table Talk

I have to keep aloof from women. I can't afford to behave other-
wise. All women do is boast about one and, as a man who is continually in the limelight, I have to guard against that .... Women just can't keep their mouths shut.
-- Table Talk