Social Foundations of Education
Assignments and grading Information

edited 9/23/09

Semester Year


SCALE: Minimally acceptable = 1.0
Average = 2.0
 Superior = 3.0

Core Assignments (weight)

Required Scores are multiplied by 2, 3 or 4.

TBA Presentation on Readings (x3)


<< Missed deadlines lower grades on Core Assignments. Optionals are not accepted past deadline, unless special circumstances warrant.  Highest Make up Grade for an Incomplete is B.>>

Presentation Related Question (x3)
Due at time of topic presentation


11/15 School Board Report(x4) 


 *School Board Report See form in Workbook

Week after taken: Class Notes (w/partner) (x3)



11/15 Controversy Analysis Paper (x4)


Controversy Analysis. See form in Workbook

11/22 Film Comparison (x3)


See form in Workbook

11/29 Problem Analysis Paper (x3)


Problem Analysis. See form in Workbook

Optional  Assignments


Optional Assignments are acceptable or better. (2 or more points. NOTHING LOWER ACCEPTED)

9/20 Mission Analysis (x2)


Class Participation Factor
9% per class period. Maximum weight 100%

9/27 SYN: A new school concern


Weights will be lowered for inferior papers. No redo's possible.

10/4 SYN: costs and benefits


10/11 SYN: school images and consensus


For information about the form of a synopsis see workbook

10/18 SYN: A recent ed law case (x2)


Materials required for course

10/25 Functions of Conflict


11/8 “Wayward Girl” Analysis (x3)
(for participants)


11/22 Some New Data on Teachers (x2)


Clabaugh & Rozycki
Social Foundation of Education CD:

11/29 SYN: New curricular development (x2)


Workbook: Social Fnds of Ed

QuickQuiz (x3)


A computed 60 points must be attained for a B

Other (x    )


No A will be given for less than 80 points.

R, Required Total (60 = B)


Class average of total points

O, Optional Total


Class point distribution sets boundaries for B+, A-

P, Participation Factor

9% per class.


Grade Points = P(R+O)
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class m


class s


Course Grade


© 2005 Edward G. Rozycki