Sample Grade Computation Sheet
for Philosophy and History of Education



Computing Your Grade

Scheduled Core Assignmnts

SCALE: Barely acceptable = 1- 1.9

Average = 2 - 2.9

Superior = 3 (3+ if merited)

Presentation Chapter or Topic Synopsis (x4) TBA

Operationalizing Presentation (x3)



Core Scores are weighted 2, 3 or 4.

  • All synopses are due within one week of date indicated. Late receive reduced credit.

  • Philosopher Presentations are absolutely required. No makeup possible.
  • History Quiz absolutely required. No makeup possible.
  • Missing core points are made up at triple the number of optional points
  • For information about the form of a synopsis see workbook page 102.

Philosopher Presentation (x4)

(wkbk p 34) TBA

History Quiz (x1)

(wkbk p 47) 12/13

Intervention Analysis Paper (x4)

(wkbk p 29) 12/6

Conceptual Analysis (x4) 11/29

Secondary Assignments (due):

Magic Pictures: Illusion or…?9/20

Black Box paper: practical definition 9/27

Criteriological Analysis (x2) 9/27

Self-Analysis of Ed Theory (x2)(Wkbk 18) 9/27

Slogan Analysis (x2) 10/4

School Images 10/11

Secondary Assignments are acceptable or superior. (2 or 3 pts ONLY)

Counterexamples 10/18

Note: Books required for course


Clabaugh & Rozycki A Brief History of Education

Rozycki, Workbook for History & Philosophy of Education

Moral Responsibilty in Schools


Operationalizing (x2) 11/1

Teaching & Learning: Causation (x2) 11/8

Punishment (x2) wkbk pp 66-74 11/15

Measureability (x2) Wkbk pp 50-59 11/29

Walden II (x2) Wkbk pp 92-101



Core Total (50 = B, 80= A)

8% av per class period. Perfect attendance = 100%

A computed 50 points must be attained for a B

Secondary Total

Participation 8% per class.

After 50 points have been reached, additional points yield B+, A- or A depending on norms (No A will be given for less than 65 points) or on the following scale 60=B+; 70=A-; 80=A

class mean

Class average of total points

class sd

Standard Deviation

Course Grade

Grade Points = Att(Core+Secondary)