Policy Issues and Analyses

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Barndt, Richard J. Fiscal Policy Effects on Grade Inflation
Bowman, Jason High School Athletics Steroid Prohibition

Callahan, Anne D. Policy Analysis: Computer Usage.
Clabaugh, Gary K. Developing Multicultural Policy
Coyle, James Insuring Pre-Kindergarten for All Preschool-Age Children in Pennsylvania

Ditmore, Denise Career-Based Curriculum Policies In Liberal Arts Colleges

Messick, Kirk School District Policy Analysis: Internet Access

Pietsch, Theresa Avoiding Medication Errors: Examining the Policy for Testing the Proficiency of Student Nurses

Ricci, Emil The Policymaking Function of the Faculty Senate

Rozycki, Edward G. Analysis of Policy: can philosophy help?
Rozycki, Edward G. False Positives: their impact on policy

Rozycki, Edward G. From Test to Treatment to Policy
Rozycki, Edward G. Mechanisms for Policy Reversal
Rozycki, Edward G. Policy Types: diagrams
Rozycki, Edward G. Pluralism and Rationality

Social Foundations Issues

Shupp, Matthew New Student Orientation and a Book Discussion Group: Strategies and Justifications