Bullying : A WebRing & External Bibliography with Links

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 Anti-Bullying Network
Information for young people, parents and teachers on tackling bullying within schools.

Bully B'ware Productions - take action against bullying
Anti-bullying programs for schools and communities.

Bully OnLine: bullying in the workplace, school, family and ...
Bully Online is the world's leading web site on bullying in the workplace and
related issues including stress, PTSD and bullying-related suicide.

Bullying. No way!
School communities around Australia can increase understanding about the issues
surrounding bullying, harassment and violence, hear others' stories, ...

What's So Bad About Bullying?
Kids hurt each other playing, too. So what's the issue?

Children and Discipline by Wilson and Cowell. Book Review. -- ... stop one child bullying and torturing another was to ...

Cloning Student Voice
"Stability," said the Controller, "stability. No civilization without social stability. No social stability...

Columbine Massacre
Ö at Columbine: Bullying was rampant and unchecked.

Dealing With Bullying
Bullying has everyone worried, not just the people on its receiving end. Read this
article to learn about dealing with bullies, including tips on how to ...

Demon Seed: are some children wicked?
to give up trying to placate bullies by not offending them. Clearly, that was a humiliating waste ... sure that the costs of bullying exceeded the benefits. I might still get beaten up

Doing Violence to 'Violence'
in our schools: bullying, threats, extortion, harassments. These are ... that subtle coercion -- bullying up to but not past ... acknowledge happens. "Bullying? In my school? Preposterous

Educational NewSpeak

Fear in the Classroom
...the hands of neurotics and bullies. Such have been the tradeoffs. For many, in the balance ... I persisted, "But allowing such bullying is a moral abomination.

Hurt, Harm & Safety
American public schools as well. Bullying is not abnormal and it is hurtful. But, is ... recess will reduce risk! Does bullying occur? Down with dodgeball! Are kids obstreperous or

It's My Life . Friends . Bullies | PBS Kids GO!
Bullies: What Is Bullying? Bully. What does the word make you think of? ...

MedlinePlus: Bullying
Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now! (Health Resources and Services Administration);
What Kids Say about: Bullying (Nemours Foundation) ...

Permissible School Violence
... overlook, for example, bullying where severe harm is not ... found in school, bullying, intimidation, and insensitivity to the ...

Power in Schooling Practice
... whether he would exercise power to ... stop one child bullying and torturing another was to ...

School Bullies
Ignoring bullying in school: we force kids to attend ...

School Violence, Punishment, and Justice
dereliction and to overlook bullying where severe harm is not likely ... most expedient manner: bullying is rebaptized "playing around," assault ... was to resist bullying or to protect a friend ...

Singapore Solution
means that serious disruptions, bullying, extortion, and predation, cannot be tolerated. If ... children subjected to merciless bullying because educators are blowing off their most

A Survival Guide to Bullying.
Consumer Lawyers Bernstein Liebhard offer important advice.

Whatís So Bad About Bullying? Isnít It Just Part of Life?

Workplace Bullying & Trauma Institute, US and Canada
March 7: Kansas is 8th state to introduce anti-bullying Healthy Workplace
legislation HB ... Work Doctor: Workplace Bullying Consulting & Training Services ...

Information about and resources to stop harassment by computer.