edited 10/9/18 second thoughts about some "bright ideas" in education
When one considers in its length and breadth the importance of a nation's young,  the broken lives,  the defeated hopes,  the national failures, which result from the frivolous inertia with which (education) is treated,  it is difficult to restrain within oneself a savage rage.
-- Alfred North Whitehead
The Aims of Education and Other Essays
(New York: Macmillan, 1929) p.22


Accountability. For what? Is test preparation the point of education?

Best Practices. Best for whom, what, where, when?

Board Certification. It's way too much.

Bureaucracy, The Other Side of. Professional Organizations may undermine profession.

Curriculum for the Soul. We are still a long way from a comfortable relationship between faith and public schools, however ....

Dedication. Misdirected by unreasonable expectations.

Deregulating Schooling. Will "robber barons" take over?

Dewey or Dubya? Not either-or.

Educational Research. But what about the politics?

Faith Based Schooling. Which faith?

Highly Qualified Teachers. Will these be better teachers?

Integrating the Curriculum. An exercise in make-work?

Knowledge is Good.  Always? Are there no limits?

More Education for Teachers. Do they need it to meet the public's demands?

Motivation. Why do we need to deal with it?

Multiculturalism. Consider some real differences!

No Child Left Behind.  Good intentions paving the usual road along with some unusual pitfalls

Opposing Charter Education. Teachers are not the problem.


Personal Liberation Through Education. Do public school - religious school differences matter?

Political Support. An iatrogenic disorder.

The Practical Irrelevance of Rigorous Teacher Education. Would you guess this is irony?

Problem Solutions. Uncommon schooling, amateur teaching and paying students to learn?

Professionalism. But who's allowed to make decisions?

The Purpose of Inclusion: education or merely socialization?

Religion in Public Schooling. Confusing the Sacred with the Sanctimonius.

Reviving Civil Discourse. Don't demonize opponents.

Safe Schools. Don't overdo it.

School Choice. Reconsiderations

Smaller Class Size. People are just dying to teach.

Special Education. How is it supposed to work?

Strengths. These are not necessarily advantages.

Student Centeredness. Cautions.

Student Opinion. They can be wrong, too.

Teacher Leadership. The impediments are many.

Transfigure the Trivial. School bores kids and teachers.

Trivializing Teaching. A critique of administrative management.

What Works.The dangers of effective teaching.