Models of Policy: questions for analysis
1999 Edward G. Rozycki

Following A.L. Schneider & H. Ingram. Policy design: elements, premises and strategies,
Chapter 6 in S. S. Nagel (ed.) Policy theory and policy evaluation. 1990. New York. Greenwood.

edited 1/26/19

General Policy Formulation: Under conditions C, implementer(s) In, will (do B which will) effect goal, G.

Model 1

A. Some important questions

1. Is the policy effective? (Does it produce the goal intended?)

2. Is the policy efficient? (Does it minimize costs? Which costs?)

3. Is the policy equitable? (Are its costs and benefits fairly distributed?)

4. Is participation in policy formulation and implementation reasonably equitable?

B. Do Cue-Concern-Control Analysis.

Model 2

All Questions from Model 1 apply.

Related Questions and Directions:

5. Rules: Who has the responsibility to perform what actions?

6. Tools: What motivators are provided for the actors to implement policy?

7. Assumptions: Do Cue-Concern-Control Analysis with all sub-questions.

Note Complication for Administered Policy Model 2a