Assessing Role and Commitment
1999 Edward G. Rozycki
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In order for attempts to change conditions at _____________________ to succeed, the certain people will have to do those things indicated to promote the change. Persons to be specified are I (for myself), A (for administration) or O (for other colleagues.)

_______1. Commit criminal acts.

_______2. Violate school codes

_______3. Resign.

_______4. Accept transfer.

_______5. Press for a colleague's resignation.

_______6. Confront colleagues frequently.

_______7. Press for a colleague's transfer.

_______8. Accept general dislike by colleagues.

_______9. Embarrass a colleague in public.

_______10. Intervene in a colleague's affairs.

_______11. Upbraid a colleague.

_______12. Confront students frequently.

_______13. Accept general dislike by students.

_______14. Embarrass a student in public.

_______15. Lose position of importance.

_______16. Lose goodwill of colleagues.

_______17. Accept special unpaid duties.

_______18. Float.

_______19. Give up discretionary time.

_______20. Start work earlier.

_______21. Leave work later.

_______22. Accept higher numbers of problem students.

_______23. Forego participation in decision-making.

_______24. Accept the decisions of others without complaint.